2021“Home of Southern Confucianism, A Model City of Virtue” ——Global Call for Public Art Projects in Quzhou, China


It is hereby announced that there will be a activity of 2021“Home of Southern Confucianism, A Model City of Virtue”—Public Art Projects in Quzhou, China to mould the city brand image of the“Home of Southern Confucianism, A Model City of Etiquette”and build up the impression of Quzhou city, which is “beautiful and full of life” to raise a higher profile to the world.

I. The Theme—“Home of Southern Confucianism, A Model City of Virtue

Quzhou, with a history of more than 6,000 years of civilization and a history of more than 1,800 years of city construction, was named a national historical and cultural city in 1994. For the past 800 years, Quzhou, as the birthplace of the southern Confucianism, has been the center for the promotion and dissemination of Confucian Culture in the south of the Yangtze River. “Virtue” is the core of Confucianism and the distinctive characteristic of Chinese culture, the etiquette of Quzhou is a fascinating mix of the Virtue of nature, humanity and governance. Quzhou’s unique urban spirit and value proposition are highlighted in the city brand image of the“Home of Southern Confucianism, A Model City of Virtue”,it also implies passing on fine culture is essential in maintaining the everlasting vitality of a nation. This call should suit the theme of “Home of Southern Confucianism, A Model City of Virtue”, fully depict the magic of humanity and nature of Quzhou, improve the urban environmental quality and regional cultural value of Quzhou City.

II. Organizations

Sponsor: Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Quzhou City

Organizer: Public Art Research Institute of China Academy of Art

Academic support: Zhejiang Sculpture Society

III. Detailed Rules


The participants are divided into professional group and student group. They can participate independently or in cooperation with others. There should be no more than 3 authors for one piece of work, and no more than 2 instructors in the student group.

Professional Group: For outstanding art inventor and professional design agency inside and outside of the nation.
Student Group: For the students of national art/design colleges and universities, all universities and colleges are welcome to submit corporate copies.

(2) Judges and awards

The Art Committee expert group composed of experts from the national public art industry serves as the panel of judges.

Details as below:

Preliminary appraisal stage:The two groups were selected by an expert panel of the Art Committee. Each group selected 40 finalist works.

Review stage:An expert panel of the Art Committee conducted an on-site judging and voting on the finalist works, and 16 works are selected by each group for the first, second, third prize and honorable mention.

Awards of Professional Group



Money Award (RMB) Others
The first prize


100,000 yuan (tax included) Certificate of honor
The second prize


50,000yuan (tax included) Certificate of honor
The third prize


30,000yuan (tax included) Certificate of honor
Honorable mention


10,000yuan (tax included) Certificate of honor
Finalist prize


Certificate of honor


Awards of Student Group

Award Quota Money Award (RMB) Others
The first prize


30,000yuan (tax included) Certificate of honor
The second prize


20,000yuan (tax included) Certificate of honor
The third prize


10,000yuan (tax included) Certificate of honor
Honorable Mention


3,000yuan (tax included) Certificate of honor
Finalist prize


Certificate of honor
Excellent organization


Certificate of honor

* All costs incurred by the contributors in this activity, as well as the taxes incurred by the money award of the winners shall be borne by themselves.

(3) Requirements for works

All entries should follow the themes based on the Quzhou cultural themes(For more about the city, please see http://quzhou.chinadaily.com.cn/confucianism.html). The design should show the long history and humanistic spirit of Quzhou culture, including but not limited to Southern Confucius culture, Go culture, historical allusions, celebrity deeds, city wall culture, myths and legends, regional dialects, Xi ‘an High Tune, Jin Yong martial arts culture, special cuisine, modern culture, intelligent science and technology, industrial innovation, intelligence and intellectual creation and other regional cultural elements, refine design symbols and convey the regional cultural spirit.

The submitted works should be original works which have not been posted, with distinct theme, It should also involves in innovative and unique ideas, neat form, strong artistry, integration into outdoor environment, feasibility, safety and permanence. The forms of projects include but are not limited to: Sculpture, public drinking fountain design, public furniture (seats, dustbin, etc.) , landscape design, etc. , can also be designed with a modern sense of science and technology, creativity, strong interaction of cultural pieces.

(4)Time Schedule

Submission timeBy 2021 October 31(China Standard Time 24:00)

Preliminary appraisal time:Mid-November 2021

Review time:Late November 2021

Winners will be notified by email.

(5) Methods of Submission

Entry guidelines

1. Contributors should read the Letter of Commitment carefully. For the professional group, please complete the Application Form and Resume Form. For the student group, please complete the Application Form and name the electronic document as required in the document.

2.Project information shall layout in two A1 (594mm * 841mmm, 300dpi) in a template that conforms to the attachment, and shall contain 5-8 design pictures from different perspectives, clearly illustrating the concept, material, workmanship, dimensions, etc. , the assembly work must have the installation flow chart. The page of the file must be in the JPG format, and the size of a single page file is no more than 15M, which is named according to the format of “NAME OF WORKS- NAME”.Note: The author’s name or unit shall not mark on the page to realize the fairness of judges.

3. Besides the above information that must be presented, video files can also be optionally submitted for auxiliary expression (MP4 format, within 2 minutes and below 50M).

4. Put all of the above files in a folder package named “NAME OF WORKS- NAME” and send them to a designated email address:
quzhou_publicart@126.comProfessional Group
Student Group

(6) Relevant statements

1. All organizations or individuals shall ensure that all contents of the design results are original and shall not infringe upon the patent, copyright, trademark, reputation or any other legitimate rights and interests of other third parties. All legal consequences shall be taken by the author concerned in case of infringement. The tortfeasor shall be liable for the loss caused to the organizer.

2. The organizer is entitled to use, publicize, exhibit and recommend the winning works, and has the right to request the winners to submit design source files.

3. No registration fee will be charged for this event. All expenses incurred by the candidates will be on their own account.

4. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the organizer, and all participants or organizations are deemed to agree to the above regulations.

IV. Contact information


Attachment 1 Commitment Letter

Attachment 2 Application Form for Professional Groups

Attachment 3 Resume Form of Professional Group

Attachment 4 Application Form for Student Group

Attachment 5 A1 submission page template

Attachment 6 Cultural Planning Scheme of Quzhou

Download site: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1gRiN6h3Lho7tVDZAM9ixvQ
Extract code: gf39

Or download the attachment through the QR code on the poster




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